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Big Data Introduction

In this is article, I will gives you brief introduction about Big Data.
What is Big Data. What are the key Domains or Areas of Big Data.
What are Big Data Options or solutions available in market.
What are the key benefits of Big Data.

What is Big Data?
– Includes data sets that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems.
– The data is too big, moves and grow too fast.
– It doesn’t fit the structures of existing database architectures.
– Another words about big data is, Data sets whose size is beyond the ability
of typical database software tools to capture, store, manage and analyze.
– Big Data has been defined by four factors. Volume, Velocity, Variety and Value.

What are the key Domains or Areas of Big Data?
1) Real-time : transaction, online, streaming, low latency data.
2) Analytics : Aggregated data from real-time feeds or other sources;
many times from batch in nature.
3) Search : Supporting data, both external and internal, used for locating
desired information and/or objects
(eg: products, documents … etc)

What are Big Data Options?
Some option available in market are NoSQL, Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise for Big Data.
1) NoSQL : NoSQL is a broad class of next generation database management system
that differ from traditional database management system (RDBMS) for many reasons,
– Support less-rigid, more dynamic data model.
– Don’t support operations such as joins.
– Solve some of the challenges of big data.
2) Cassandra :Another NoSQL solution like Apache Cassandra.
– Handles high velocity data with ease.
– Uses schema that support broad varieties of data.
– Scales from GB’s to PB’s with linear performance capabilities.
– Is built to handle multi-location/data center use cases.
– Offers quick installation and configuration for multi-node clusters.
– is open source and/pr cost 80-90% less that traditional RDBMS cost.
3) DataStax :
– Founded in April 2010.
– Commercial leader in Apache Cassandra, the popular open-source “big data” database.
– 140+ customers
– Headquarters in San Francisco Bay area.
– Download DataStax Enterprise from www.datastax.com/software

What are the key benefits of Big Data?
1) Increase performance by 7 times while growing data by 5 times.
2) Reduce operational costs almost half of the original.

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